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This is an article about the main characters of the franchise. For the video game, see Awesomenauts.


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PS3/XBOX360 'Nauts[edit | edit source]

Icon Clunk.pngIcon Coco.pngIcon Derpl.pngIcon Froggy.pngIcon Leon.pngIcon Lonestar.pngIcon Voltar.pngIcon Yuri.png

Future 'nauts[edit | edit source]

Previously unseen naut featured in the splash art of update 4.0. To be released sometime after 4.0. Smaller robotic naut that uses a 3 missile rocket launcher.

Portrait posted to the Official Ronimo Twitter revealing more of his hat.

First newspaper about mercenaries escaping a stockade on Caraco from the Intergalactic Times. Could be the Awesomenauts or a separate group. Now wanted by the emperor. New naut confirmed for Update 4.1. This event took place 3 years before the games current time.

Caraco-3584 Last night a group of space mercenaries made a daring escape from a high security stockade on planet Caraco. The escapees are considered armed and dangerous and the Intergalactic authorities advice everyone to avoid contact. The group consists...

Second newspaper about mercenaries escaping Caraco, this time from the Caraco Post. Shows an image of four rockets taking off leaving a purple trail against a futuristic city-scape and a moon filled sky. Also includes and ad for a Rob Bourgogne Doll.

ALL MEMBERS ESCAPE ABOARD VARIOUS VESSELS IN DARING SPACEPORT HEIST ---co 3584-Following a high octane chase though the---members of---hijacked---

Third newspaper from the Ribbit IV Herald, 2 years before the present time. A rapper, possibly related to Froggy G is questioned about his relation to the mercenary escape incident on Caraco a year ago. Also mentions a "Krab" outbreak, possibly on Aiguillon. Image also features a reporter from Channel 7 Galactic News.

Ribbit IV-3585 Following an anonymous tip, Ribbit authorities have questioned a local rapper about alleged ties to a fugitive mercenary who was part of the inmates that escaped a facility on Caraco last year.  A year ago a group of space mercenaries attempted, and successfully executed a daring escape from a...