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This is an article about the main characters of the franchise. For the video game, see Awesomenauts.


Admiral SwigginsAylaChucho KrokkClunkCoco NebulonCommander RocketDeadliftDerpl ZorkDizzyFroggy G
Genji the Pollen ProphetGnawIx the InterloperJimmy And The Lux5000KseniaLeon ChameleonMax FocusNibbsPenny FoxQi'Tara
RaelynnRoccoSentry X-58Sheriff LonestarScoop of JusticeSkølldirSkreeSmilesSnork GunkTed McPain
Vinnie & SpikeVoltar the OmniscientProfessor Milton YoolipYuri

Future 'nauts[edit | edit source]

PS3/XBOX360 'Nauts[edit | edit source]

Icon Clunk.pngIcon Coco.pngIcon Derpl.pngIcon Froggy.pngIcon Leon.pngIcon Lonestar.pngIcon Voltar.pngIcon Yuri.png