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This is an article about the main characters of the franchise. For the video game, see Awesomenauts.


Admiral SwigginsAylaChucho KrokkClunkCoco NebulonDeadliftDerpl ZorkDizzyFroggy GGenji the Pollen Prophet
GnawIx the InterloperJimmy And The Lux5000KseniaLeon ChameleonMax FocusNibbsPenny FoxRaelynnRocco
Commander RocketSentry X-58Sheriff LonestarScoop of JusticeSkølldirSkreeSmilesTed McPainVinnie & SpikeVoltar the Omniscient
Professor Milton YoolipYuri

Future 'nauts[edit | edit source]

  • Qi'Tara

PS3/XBOX360 'Nauts[edit | edit source]

Icon Clunk.pngIcon Coco.pngIcon Derpl.pngIcon Froggy.pngIcon Leon.pngIcon Lonestar.pngIcon Voltar.pngIcon Yuri.png