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Invisibility is a status effect that renders the target completely invisible. Invisibility wears off when the stealthed 'Naut uses an ability or autoattack, or after a set duration of time.

Aiguillon provides players with a new method of invisibility. There is a respawning Stealth Orb in the center of the map, which provides 20 seconds of invisibility to any Awesomenaut that touches it.

Invisibility-granting abilities and upgrades[edit | edit source]

Generic[edit | edit source]

Ksenia[edit | edit source]

Leon[edit | edit source]

Vinnie & Spike[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to collect Solar while invisible. Therefore, an invisible player can be easily found if Solar coins start disappearing.
  • Most particle effects such as DoTs, Snipe's targeting reticle and crowd control indicators such as slow's clock still appear on invisible targets, giving away their position.
  • Going into Siege Mode as Derpl will not cancel the invisibility effect.
  • Droids cannot become invisible.
  • Invisible units can still be heard, turning music off can help players finding them.

Gallery[edit | edit source]