Map Editor Shortcuts

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Editors[edit | edit source]


Open/close level editor (unlike the other, this one can be rebinded in the settings)


Open/close AI editor

F3 Open/close animation editor
F2 Open/close particle editor

Selecting objects[edit | edit source]

Left click

Select object

Left drag

Select region of objects

Shift + select Add to selection (also works in object list)

Ctrl + select

Select if not selected, deselect if selected (also works in object list)

Alt + select

Deselect (also works in object list)


Open/close object list (animation editor only)


Scroll through object list

Alt + 1

Select all objects with same texture


Toggle selection visuals

Alt + Ctrl + D

Select all double objects from the current selection (or from all active layers in the entire level if nothing has been selected). This function never selects AIEdges.

Camera[edit | edit source]

Shift + F9

Centre editor view on player character, or on centre of editor

Alt + F9

Teleport player character to view

Ctrl + F9

Reset to standard zoom

Arrow keys

Scroll viewport

Middle mouse button drag

Scroll viewport


Zoom out


Zoom in

Swapping through open animations/particles[edit | edit source]

Page up OR click arrow in HUD

Next animation/particle

Page down OR click arrow in HUD

Previous animation/particle

Ctrl + page up OR ctrl+click arrow in HUD

Jump 10 animations/particles forward (uses the “jump” setting for how many to skip at once)

Ctrl + page down OR ctrl+click arrow in HUD

Jump 10 animations/particles backward

, OR shift+click arrow in HUD

Previously used animation/particle

. OR shift+click arrow in HUD

Next used animation/particle (only works after having used previous)

Alt + hold left mouse down on arrow in HUD

Keep jumping every frame to previous/next animation/particle (can be combined with ctrl for bigger jumps)

Move/rotate/scale[edit | edit source]

Right drag

Move/scale/rotate selected objects

Ctrl + arrow keys

Move selection one grid block

Shift + arrow keys Move selection one pixel


Move mode


Rotate mode


Uniform scale mode


Free scale mode


Snap on/off


Lock X


Lock Y

Shift + 5

Snap to pixel-size

Shift + 6

Mirror horizontal

Alt + Ctrl + M

Mirror selection around centre of level (the centre can be set in the LevelConfiguration object)

Text field editing[edit | edit source]

Alt + drag in colour field

OR Alt + enter

Changes the brightness value from the colour, except alpha.

Alt + drag in position field

OR Alt + enter

Shifts both the x and y value by the same amount.


Clear textbox

numpad +

Increase value by 0.025 (ctrl by 1, shift by 10)

numpad -

Decrease value by 0.025 (ctrl by 1, shift by 10)

numpad *

Multiply value by 2 (ctrl by 1.5, shift by 10)

numpad /

Divide value by 2 (ctrl by 1.5, shift by 10)

Depth[edit | edit source]

Shift + 1

Increase depth by one

Shift + 2

Decrease depth by one

Shift + 3

Move to back

Shift + 4

Move to front

AI[edit | edit source]

Alt + F6

Show AI log messages below the nauts / creep

Shift + F6

Hook/unhook character behaviour

Ctrl + F6

Enable/disable area scans visibility. This allows you to see AI editor blocks like isCharacterInArea, isInArea, etc


Kill currently selected character

Other[edit | edit source]


OR: Ctrl + S

Save the current map


Delete currently selected object

Ctrl + 1

OR Space

Pause/Resume gameplay

Ctrl + 2

Toggle carve/boolean

Ctrl + 3

Toggle cutting


Freeze selection


Unfreeze by clicking frozen objects


Unfreeze all


Hide selection


Unhide all

Ctrl + z


Ctrl + shift + z


Ctrl + c


Ctrl + x


Ctrl + v