Pappa Gnaw

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UI Unlock CharMawdad.png

Voiced by: Martijn Thieme

This announcer can be unlocked by donating $50 to Ronimo's Kickstarter via PayPal.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Base and Turrets[edit | edit source]

Attacks against an allied turret:[edit | edit source]

Play"Ahhh! Go help big robo weedling!"

Play"Your big robo weedling under attacks!"

Play"Why you no help defense?"

Play"They spit on your gizmos!"

Allied turret low on health:[edit | edit source]

Play"Hnng! Only few bites left on big robo weedling!"

Allied turret lost:[edit | edit source]

Play"Big robo weedling gone bye-bye!"

Enemy turret destroyed:[edit | edit source]

Play"Enemy gizmos go boom boom!"

Allies around enemy Solar Drill area:[edit | edit source]

Play"Gnaw put shinies on your team now!"

Enemies around Solar Drill area:[edit | edit source]

Play"Noobs in your hive!"

Play"Noobs in your hive!"

Solar Drill being attacked:[edit | edit source]

Play"They no like in your hive!"

Play"Oh, Gnaw glad your hive is not Gnaw's hive!"

Connection[edit | edit source]

Player connects:[edit | edit source]

Play"Oh! More yum-yums! Fresh noobs for eating!"

Player disconnects:[edit | edit source]

Play"Yum-yums go bye-bye!"

Kills and Deaths[edit | edit source]

Player kill:[edit | edit source]

Play"Haha! Noob!"

Play"Ha! Noob!"

Play"Ha! Noob go bye-bye!"

Play"Dead meatbags!"

Player death:[edit | edit source]

Play"Enemy poop on you!"

First 'naut killed by another 'naut:[edit | edit source]

Play"Ding ding ding! Lunch time!"

Teammate killed:[edit | edit source]

Play"They poop on your friend!"

Play*Laughs* "Noob dead!"

Play"Ahhh! Noob team!"

Enemy death:[edit | edit source]

Play"Enemy goes splat!"

All 'nauts in the same team are dead at the same time:[edit | edit source]

Play"No more munchies! Noobs are all eated!"

Play"Whoooooa noob team!"

Play"Your team in troubles!"

'naut killstreak #1:[edit | edit source]

Play"One, two, three! You're doing a good job!"

Play"Gnaw could do better, but no feel like it..."

'naut killstreak #2:[edit | edit source]

Play"Yes! Gnaw impressed now!"

Play"Gnaw just back from poop. Miss anything?"

'naut killstreak #3:[edit | edit source]

Play"Skroggle will tell many tales of this!"

Blue team killing spree:[edit | edit source]

Play"Blue noobs dominating! Haha!"

Play"Gnaw like blue team best now!"

Red team killing spree:[edit | edit source]

Play"Gnaw like red team best now!"

Play"Red noobs dominating! Ha!"

Team killing spree #2:[edit | edit source]

Play"Gnaw like!"

Player kills 2 enemy 'nauts in a short amount of time:[edit | edit source]

Play"Two munchies, one bite!"

'Naut killed by turret, creeps or droids:[edit | edit source]

Play"Droid poop on you!"

Match over[edit | edit source]

Match lost:[edit | edit source]

Play"You no deserve winning time!"

Play"You no deserve winning time!"

Play"You go back! Try again!"

Match won:[edit | edit source]

Play"You can has victory!"

Play"You can has victory!"

Shop[edit | edit source]

Insufficent Solar:[edit | edit source]

Play"No shinies, no gizmos!" *Laughs*

Play"Need more shinies!"

Play"Huh? Why you no get gizmos?"

Spawn/Respawn[edit | edit source]

Waiting for the countdown.[edit | edit source]

Play"Gnaw like counting!"

Play"Let's go!"

Play"Let's go! Battle time!"

Countdown to Drop Pod launch:[edit | edit source]

After some testing, it seems like Pappa Gnaw says the numbers in random order, but he always starts with a 5.












Play"Uh... eight?"


Drop Pod Launched[edit | edit source]

Play"Wooo! Drop pod launch!"

Play"Poop time!"

Play"Poop time!"

Droids about to spawn:[edit | edit source]

Play"Little munchies coming up!"

Play"Droids coming up in uh... uh... soon?"

Droids first spawn in the match:[edit | edit source]

Play"Your robos are here!"

Uncategorized/unknown[edit | edit source]

Play"Gnaw no like that noob anyway."

Play"Noob dead!" *laughs* "Gnaw think that's funny!"

Play"Very nice! Happy time!"

Play"Gnaw put shinies on enemy team now!"