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Portraits are the avatars for your Awesomenauts profile. Every player start with a few of them available, but can acquire more by either playing the game and unlocking its contents, purchasing skins with real money (which all come with a portrait) or by purchasing them with Awesomepoints.pngAwesomepoints.

In the profile picture menu, portraits are separated in two categories: Unlockable and Purchaseable.

List of unlockable portraits[edit | edit source]

These are unlocked upon atteining certain in-game requirements or by purchasing skins

  • Droids portaits - Unlocked from the start.
  • Awesomenaut portaits - Unlocked upon reaching level 4 with the corresponding Awesomenaut.
  • Skin portaits - Unlocked upon purchasing the corresponding skin.
  • Legendary Blabl Zork - Unlocked for players who owned Awesomenauts before it went free to play.
  • Recruitment Master - Unlocked upon recruiting 10 new players and have all of them reach profile level 8.

List of purchaseable portraits[edit | edit source]

These profiles can be purchased with Awesomepoints.pngAwesomepoints

500 Awesomepoints.png portaits[edit | edit source]

  • SUSI
  • Zippy Starburst
  • Eye of Coba

1,000 Awesomepoints.png portraits[edit | edit source]

  • Surprised Chicken
  • Evil Yuri
  • Angry Lonestar
  • Triple Scoople

1,500 Awesomepoints.png portaits[edit | edit source]

  • Champion Swiggins
  • Gamer Gnaw
  • Fishy
  • Ronimonkey
  • Beat'n Clunk

2,500 Awesomepoints.png portaits[edit | edit source]

  • Pixel Lonestar
  • Galactron
  • Clever Girl
  • Los Hermanos Gnariachi, Olé!
  • Fire Commander
  • Love Commander
  • Ice Commander
  • Hairy King
  • Little Johnny
  • Katy Kork
  • Rob Bourgogne
  • Don Steward

5,000 Awesomepoints.png portaits[edit | edit source]

  • Borble Birk
  • Hawk Bomb

10,000 Awesomepoints.png portaits[edit | edit source]

  • The Collection

20,000 Awesomepoints.png portraits[edit | edit source]

  • Golden Ones
  • Team Power