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Shop Icons Wozzle skill b upgrade f.png SWCA Coin [edit] Item 5 solar.png 200

Rapid arrows will split after hitting enemies. These arrows deal less damage.

This coin represents 5 years of membership of Shiny Weapons Hoarders Anonymous!

Upgrade Lv1
Split Yes
Damage 50%
Range 10

SWCA Coin is an upgrade for IconCharacterWozzle001.png Rocco'sUI Skillbutton Wozzle FireArrow0.png Rapid Arrows.

Description[edit | edit source]

Causes Rapid Arrow shots to be split into two new arrows upon hitting an enemy unit. These split arrows travel a bit further (with a range of 10 (does not benefit from Rocketpack)) and deal half the amount of damage as the original ones. The spread of the split arrows is also increased from 10° up to 15°, making them hard to hit successfully. Split arrows have a short arming time to avoid hitting targets stacked on top of each other; this allows the arrows to fly further after spawning.

In-game look[edit | edit source]