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Template:Skill Database

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template acts as a database to look up Stats and Properties of Skills.

This is done inputing several arguements as followed


arg1 - This is the full name of the skill you are referencing. (Ex. Splash Dash, Summon Bull, Jet Pack)

arg2 - This is can be as follows:

  • icon - Skill's icon
  • desc - Skill's description
  • solar - Cost of skill
  • 1 - First stat name
  • 1a - First stat value
  • 2 - Second stat name
  • 2a - Second stat value
  • 3 - Third stat name
  • 3a - Third stat value


  • 8 - Eighth stat name
  • 8a - Eighth stat value
  • u1 - First upgrade name
  • u2 - Second upgrade name
  • u3 - Third upgrade name
  • u4 - Forth upgrade name
  • u5 - Fifth upgrade name
  • u6 - Sixth upgrade name

When adding a new skill please copy and paste the section marked TEMPLATE and not another skill's to prevent mistakes.